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PCI DSS v4.0 for Point of Sale // Webinar // EN

PCI DSS v4.0 for Point of Sale – Summary of changes for merchants with SAQ B-IP or SAQ P2PE scope

On 31 March 2024, version 3.2.1 of the PCI DSS will go into its well-deserved retirement. With version 4.0, the PCI Security Standards Council has adapted the requirements of the PCI DSS so that they can be adapted more flexibly to current IT environments and also offer more protection against increasing attack scenarios.

You have already prepared for PCI DSS v4.0 and would like to check whether you have thought of everything?
Or you have not yet done so and would now like to deal with the changes as a matter of urgency?

Any more questions?
The changes can only be presented during the webinar, not discussed in detail. Of course, we are also happy to support you in migrating to PCI DSS v4.0 beyond the webinar. Please feel free to contact us for a specific project.

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